Monday, November 2, 2009

Boston Sheepdog Saves Doctor's Life

An off-duty security officer saved the life of a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital on October 27th. Providentially, Paul Langone was there as the violent scene played out, and he was armed.

When he saw a psychiatric patient repeatedly stab a female doctor, Langone drew his weapon and ordered the patient to drop the knife. Here's a description from the Channel 7 WHDH News Site:

"He produced a weapon and ordered the suspect to drop the knife, and when the suspect did not comply, he shot him," said Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis.

Sources told 7News that Langone hit Canciero three times and he was pronounced dead on the scene.

Another article says that officials confirmed that the suspect sustained two wounds to the torso and one to the head. Think about the mindset and focus required for that kind of performance.

Then compare that to the average police shooting in which officers routinely miss suspects and put bystanders and victims at risk from stray rounds. (See my post, FBI Report)

Here is a link to an interview with Paul Langone. He comes across as a guy you'd like to have for a neighbor, and who seems a little uncomfortable with the media attention.

WARSKYL salutes Paul Langone, sheepdog.


The Warrior said...

And Spencer salutes as well! What an excellent act of...well, manliness, right there.


Randall Gerard said...

Hey, if such a man still breathes in Massachusetts of all places perhaps there is hope for the whole country.. Well done, Paul.