Monday, November 9, 2009

Questions You Won't Hear the Media Ask about Nidal Hasan

I have deliberately put off commenting on the mass killing at Fort Hood. I found it upsetting on more than one level.

Nevertheless, as the media scramble to cover this act of violence with a mantle of political correctness, I find myself asking questions that no reporter who wishes to keep his job will ever dare to ask.

For example, If Nidal Hasan is a Muslim extremist, how did he get to the rank of major in the U.S. Army? Is the U.S. military so weighed down with P.C. attitudes that it is willing to commit institutional suicide by commissioning enemy terrorists?

On the other hand, If Nidal Hasan is a mainstream Muslim and not an extremist, what do his actions tell us about the mainstream of Islam? Can we ever acknowledge the historical fact that the lands of the Middle East and North Africa converted to Islam at the point of a sword?

Pray for the persecuted church in Islamic countries. Pray for those who take the Gospel to Muslims. Pray that God will frustrate the purposes of those Muslims who would murder friends and family if they turn to Christ.


The Warrior said...

Something tells me if Christians went around praising murderous attacks such as this we might be treated differently....

Excellent post. Did you see the WND article I linked?


Gravelbelly said...

I just checked out the WND site. I will bookmark it.

The Warrior said...

Oh? I assumed you were already a WND reader? Or do you mean you will bookmark that particular article?

Randall Gerard said...

A few more questions I would ask:

How many more of ours have to die at the hands of islamofascists before we deport them all?

When are we going to realize that the difference between a radical muslim and a moderate muslim is like the difference between republicans and democrats?

When are christians going to understand that islamic societies are incompatible with ours? What fellowship has light with darkness?

When are we going to understand that they don't view our 'help' in Afghanistan and Iraq the same way we do? 'Democracy' doesn't save - Jesus does. Our form of government is NOT exportable - but thanks be to God, Jesus IS.

When are we going to understand that religious pluralism has made us weaker, not stronger, more vulnerable, not less?

When are we going to understand that our enemies have no air forces or missiles of any consequence? They have to rub shoulders with Americans in order to kill Americans. The way to fight them is to keep them out of our countries, and keep our soldiers out of theirs. Therefore, border security coupled with a strict 'no muslims' policy will make us all safer. Border security equals national security in an age of terrorism.

One final thought: If God is raising up christian 'sheep-dogs' as this blog suggests, then we better scrap ALL forms of pc-ness yesterday. Test everything by the truth, and hold fast to the truth.

Happy veterans day gravelbelly, and thanks for your service.

Gravelbelly said...

I agree with some of what Randall has written. For the areas of disagreement, I refer readers to the series of posts: "The Roots of WARSKYL"