Thursday, November 5, 2009

Honor Killing?

In recent news about an Arizona Muslim who ran over his 20-year-old daughter in a parking lot, the media have referred to the incident as an honor killing. This brings into question the meaning of the word honor.

Traditional Japanese culture also has had some pretty extreme practices regarding honor. In that mindset, one might kill or commit suicide (hara kiri) for honor.

The West has not been immune to the same mindset. In Europe and America, many have fought duels to the death to defend their honor.

General Douglas MacArthur challenged West Point Cadets to live for "Duty, Honor, Country." The Marine Hymn says that they fight "to keep their honor clean". What does the word honor mean in those contexts?

I want to address the meaning of honor and apply it to Christian Martialism in another post or two.

Meanwhile, ponder the man in the video from the Associated Press who murdered his own daughter for the sake of his honor.

I believe the arraignment took place before his daughter actually died, which is why you do not hear him being charged with homicide.


The Warrior said...

I shall refrain from profanities....

I am interested to see these posts! Honor is so very important but so very screwed up via the view of it by so many. I've thought alot about the samurai way, for one, and as much as I admire many things about the old warriors, I cannot agree with their concept of honor.

And as to this? This isn't honor, this is heinous, I said, I won't use profanities.

Thanks for posting, as always.


Gravelbelly said...

I am hoping this will strike a chord (not cord, please) with Christian Martialists.

Tomorrow I plan to continue the discussion by doing something really radical.

Randall Gerard said...


I'm looking forward to the discussion. Obviously 'honor' has been widely misunderstood. Good topic.

The Warrior said...

Honor sure strikes a cHord with me. ;-P