Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Combat Slap

The combat slap is a tool that should be in your war chest along with the other open hand strikes. Open hand -- as opposed to closed fist -- blows like the judo chop, palm heel, tiger claw & combat slap don't get enough credit for the devastating power they can deliver.

Properly executed, the combat slap is a potent and effective strike. When directed at the eyes and ears, it can disorient your attacker and cause intense pain. And, if you accidentally hit the orc's cheek or forehead, you don't risk breaking your hand as you might with a closed fist.

The following video is a continuation of the series that began with the chin jab & the knee spike. I think it was a mistake to entitle the series Fight Like a Girl, because page hits for those posts were uncharacteristically low. Macho pride?

That's too bad, because the techniques are good, solid CQC moves straight out of WWII combatives. The same caveat applies as with the knee spike video (my not-so-subtle way of encouraging you to go back, if you missed it). Here's the video clip:

Continued in "Combat Slap, 2"

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