Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cane Fighting vs. Fighting with a Cane

In Friday's post I suggested you pick up a weapon and ask yourself what empty hand techniques would work with it. Yesterday morning, I decided to take my own advice.

I normally take my Cold Steel walking stick on our morning walks, in case of aggressive dogs. After we got home, I took the stick to the heavy bag to see if I could fight with a cane.

I held the cane horizontally in front of my chest, with both hands. If I palm-heel jabbed quickly toward what would be the heavy bag's face, the stick snapped into the neck or side of head area. I tried a combination: jab, jab, right hook. The stick snapped into the neck area twice, and then the solid stainless knob connected with the "jaw".

Previously, when I've practiced striking with the cane, I've held it in the same manner but concentrated on swinging it, as though it needed its own technique, separate from my empty hand strikes. Using my hand strikes to set the shaft in motion is a lot faster. And the hits feel more powerful.

The cane extends my effective striking range. And mechanical advantage makes the tip travel faster than my hand, which adds speed to my strikes.

Next time, I think I'll try letting go with one hand while I perform a Judo Chop action with the hand holding the stick. Seems to me that would really whip the cane around, giving me a devastating long-distance chop.

By the way, if I were attacked by a knife wielder, I would hope it was at a time when I had my cane. It would have a longer reach than the blade, and I wouldn't have to worry about drawing my weapon in time, since it would already be in my hand.

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