Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Christian Martialist Marching Song

(To the tune of "Scotland the Brave")

1st stanza:
Out to the far horizon,
Men ca'ed of God are risin',
Bound to the covenant, at Jesus' command.
He is the Sov'reign Saviour; yield not to fear or favor
Til all confess His Law's the law of the land.

Muster the mighty host.
Fear not the Dragon's boast.
Justice and mercy come forth from God's hand.
Guardsmen of Zion's daughter,
For Him whose life hath bought her,
Brothers by blood and water,
Cherethite band.

2nd stanza:
We serve the holy nation,
Heirs of our Lord's salvation.
We are the sheepdogs who watch over the fold.
Stand by the faithful pastor
As to the heav'nly Master
Mind not the danger nor the dark nor the cold.

Repeat refrain

Note: the Cherethites were King David's royal guard.
Also, WARSKYL received over 700 page hits in the last 30 days. Thanks to all the Christian Martialist Sheepdogs out there who keep coming back & who have linked to WARSKYL.

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Stephen Boyd said...

Aye! The Celtic bard in you comes out! It's great!

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Wait wait wait--did you write this on your own?

And congratulations on the hits! I've been promoting your blog left and right, it's one of the greatest ones--or even one of the greatest websites for that matter--I've ever seen.


Gravelbelly said...

". . . did you write this on your own?"

Guilty, your honor.

As to the "greatness" of this blog, perhaps it's just that there is not much of anything out there directed specifically at Christian Martialist Sheepdog types. "To the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet."