Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Took a Spill

If you can wade through the account of my boo-boos, there's a lesson at the end.

Yesterday, I carried a hay bale for my wife, then I went back to close the hatch on our van. As I went to put away my gloves, I tripped on a branch that was lying on the ground (a whole 'nother story).

In complete free fall, I put out my right hand against an outbuilding to catch myself. This wrenched my shoulder without stopping me. Then my head hit the building, and finally I landed on my left knee.

The knee hurt the most, at first. I had trouble getting up, because of the pain in both knee and shoulder. Much later, I noticed a little problem with my right hip, and a small laceration at the cuticle of my left thumb.

This morning, everything felt better (perhaps I should write a post on essential oils), but my right shoulder still hurts except in a limited range of motion, and if I try to lift anything heavier than a few ounces.

So, I had to ask myself WWMBD? What Would My Barber Do?

The obvious answer: Do a lot of left-handed dry fire practice.

Excuse me as I go get my airsoft Gov't Model replica and do some weak-hand practice.

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