Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Own Favorite Khukuri

I am writing this on Thursday, 6/26. A little while ago, the dog was in the yard, barking. My daughter Merrianna checked and found that he was barking at a blacksnake resting on a ledge above the porch window.

Now, I realize that blacksnakes eat mice and other pests, but around here, we've found that they prefer hen's eggs and baby chicks, when they can get them. So, I unsheathed my khukuri.

A few minutes later, Merrianna took this picture.

The snake's head hangs by a thread of skin. If he had been against something more solid than the vinyl siding, the blade would surely have totally separated his head from his body. 

As long as my daughter had the camera out, I thought it would be a good opportunity for some more photos. This one shows the khukuri I used to kill the snake -- of the 3 khukuris I own, it is my favorite.

It came with an unfinished handle. I used Tru-Oil to produce a glossy finish, which while protecting against moisture, does not lend itself to good gripping when wet with perspiration. I may remedy that with a layer of camo wrap.

I bought the leather sheath separately because it holds the blade more securely than the traditional wood/buffalo hide that came with it. I added the camo wrap and wound it with a length of para cord. I also created a little pocket for the karda (little knife) and chakmak (steel sharpening & deburring tool).

This shows the back of the sheath.

Two DMT diamond hones reside in a pocket on the back, and below them I attached a little pouch with a magnesium fire-starting block. You may notice the D ring which serves to attach the sheath to a backpack.

While made from the 5160 steel, my blade has a flat rather than convex edge (read easier to sharpen), and it has a couple of shallow rough spots -- grinding marks. It was probably fashioned by an apprentice. Nonetheless, I have found that it holds its edge, and it cuts and chops superbly.

Below you will find a link where I bought the khukuri pictured above. Will you do me a favor? If you decide to order one of these or even another model on the same site, please enter the site through the link below. It will cost you nothing, and I will get a small advertising fee. I will never get rich from this blog, but it's a great encouragement to pick up a dollar here and there through the courtesy of my faithful readers.

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