Friday, June 20, 2014

The Khukuri as a Field Knife

My barber sent me the link to the following video:

I found it interesting and informative, but with one caveat. I wrote back to him my assessment:

Interesting. In Nepal, they use the khukuri for everything. I think as you become more familiar and comfortable using it, You learn the proper way to use the khukuri for different jobs. My experience has also been that I expend a lot of energy chopping with it, but I am aware that I'm not really letting the tool do the work, as I should. I need practice and experience, just as I first did when I started using an axe to split wood or a hammer to drive in nails.

Hmm. Maybe this should be a blog post.

He concurred in his reply, as follows:

Agreed.  Over the years I have had the bad habit of not letting the tool do the work.  It's the same with hair clippers, or a 16-ounce framing hammer.  Or a Cessna 150 airplane.  Gentle pressure inputs control the plane.  You don't need to man-handle it.  Same with knives and guns.  We tend to force things always.  We need to rethink that.  I often think that physical force is needed to accomplish the task.  They are called tools for a reason....  Ya' know, you and I never discuss or examine anything without extracting some edifying training value from it!!

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