Friday, February 25, 2011

Of Gods and Men -- New Movie

I have not seen Of Gods and Men, but after reading a review from Christian-oriented MovieGuide and watching the clip below, I knew a significant percentage of my readers would want to know about it. According to MovieGuide, there are 3 obscenities, no profanities, moderate violence, and zero sex or nudity in the movie.

The film depicts an actual event in Algeria, the Muslim invasion and massacre of the inhabitants of a monastery.


The Warrior said...

Hadn't heard of it, but it looks good. And thanks for the recommendation of Defiance--great movie! Really touches important issues.

Gravelbelly said...

As I'm sure you noticed, Defiance is more for instruction and reflection than for entertainment. I know a young man -- I think you'd like him -- who says he wants to raise his sons to be able to take to the forest in order to fight tyranny. Sober thoughts that look for darker days ahead.

The Warrior said...

Yes, I did notice that. Not a bad thing, IMO, rather nice on occasion.