Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Home Defense Shotgun

My barber is not the only firearms expert to tout the shotgun as the best choice for a home defense weapon. Loads that will not not penetrate walls still have terrifying stopping-power.

Since my wife -- who is left-handed -- has recently felt the need for a long arm that she can use around the homestead, I've been looking around for a suitable shotgun. Here's what I've settled on:

It's the Ithaca Model 37 Home Defense Shotgun. It came into production in 1917 as the Remington Model 17, and after the patent ran out -- in 1937 -- Ithaca picked it up and marketed it as the model 37.

Some reasons for the choice:

  1. Ejects from the bottom, so my left-handed wife and her right-handed husband can both use it conveniently;
  2. Designed by John Browning, who also designed the Model 1911, the Browning Automatic Rifle and the Colt Woodsman Pistol along with a host of other excellent firearms;
  3. Proven track record in the U.S. military, NYPD and LAPD;
  4. My barber's hearty recommendation.
In an email, my barber said, "It's perfect . . . . Get the Ithaca!"

In more general comments about a home defense shotgun, he said:

ALL home-defense shotgunning should be done with low-base 8shot shotgun loads.  the cheap ones work as good as the expensive ones.  with this light load,and the weight of the shotgun,felt,and managed recoil is minimal.  that goes for big guys like us,too! 

So, it looks as though we'll be getting a Model 37. It's not cheap, but IMHO, it's top of the line in design and workmanship, which makes it a bargain for the price. 'Nuff said.


dlr said...

$250-400 depending on condition at my local gunships. Dave, the owner says buy one with a few years on it, the newer guns lack quality.

Gravelbelly said...


The Warrior said...

All right, I'm sold....

Gravelbelly said...

Great! Now, if we could only get you to Northeast Pennsylvania for a week or so to train with my barber . . .