Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dust Bunnies in My Model 1911?

For many years, I have field stripped my Government Model 1911 in order to clean and lubricate it. On my last visit to my barber, he showed me how to remover the firing pin and extractor for a more thorough cleaning of the slide.

The following youtube video takes it all to the next level: complete disassembly. Before you start taking your favorite handgun apart (and if the gov't model isn't your favorite, then shame), here are a couple of considerations.

  1. Watch the whole video series through at least once, to be sure you want to do this and to make sure you follow the steps properly when you start disassembly;
  2. If you've never cleaned your weapon at this level, don't be surprised at the crud you encounter (would you believe I found dust bunnies around the mainspring?)

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