Saturday, June 5, 2010

Strategy, Tactics and the Expectation of Victory

I read a fascinating article yesterday It starts out this way:

Politically correct historical myths to the contrary, the myth of the efficiency of the German Blitzkrieg in WWII died not in the winter of 1942 in the plains west of Moscow but in the mild comfortable spring of 1940 in central Belgium, a few miles from the town of Gembloux.

The article is fascinating because the author himself is an interesting fellow. He received his military training in the now-defunct Communist regime of Bulgaria where the powers-that-be were grooming him for a position of influence in their navy. Then he read the Gospel of John, and God changed his destiny now and forever.

So . . . Bojidar Marinov brings not only his military background to bear on the subject of strategy and tactics, but also a Christian perspective rooted a Scriptural view of history. It's not a popular view in the Church, today, but it's the view that laid the spiritual foundation of this nation.

You can sum up this view of history thus:

We win; they lose.

I hope I've piqued (not peaked, please) your curiosity so that you will read the article. It's one every Christian Martialist should eagerly and deliberately peruse.

"A Tale of Two Eschatologies"

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WildWeazel said...

That was an excellent read. Lately I've been seriously considering Switzerland as a safe haven in case things go bad. The more I learn about it, the more I want to just go there anyway.