Friday, June 25, 2010

The Police: Our Friends or . . . ?

'Are the police our friends, or . . . not?

I have great respect for Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) who honor the public whom they have sworn to serve. I've run into some of them from time to time, and I consider it a privilege to have known them.

However, for many years I have noticed a growing number in the "thin blue line" who have developed an us-vs-them mentality. They seem to think that it's the police against everyone else -- perhaps a tragic result of constant exposure to the seamier levels of society.

Some conservative activists seem to think that the police (or the army or the National Guard) would not obey orders to tyrannize this nation. Remember that the National Guard went from door to door confiscating firearms from homeowners in New Orleans after Katrina.

Then there's this news item about a man who called 911 to get medical care for his 86-year-old grandmother. Instead, the police responded, and you won't believe what happened next:

"Don't Taze My Granny"

I can hear the response: "Our police department is different." Maybe so. But for a generation I've heard from parents who have told me, "Our public schools are different." Meanwhile, their kids grew up and departed from their parents' faith and values.

Something to think about if you ever have to dial 911.


Johann said...

I would recommend Boston T. Party's "You and the Police". It is excellent.
On a side note, I would also recommend Boston's Gun Bible, by the same author.

Gravelbelly said...

Thanks, Johann. Good to hear from you.

The Warrior said...

Hey, Johann. Moseyed on over here, did you? :-D

Interesting post, thank you very much. Albeit the cautious side of me would life to see some absolute proof of this event before we run away with it....