Monday, July 6, 2009

Designed for Work, Destined for War, 4

Continued from "Designed for Work, Destined for War, 3"

How is it that God could design man for the task of taking dominion over the earth, yet expect him to function as a combatant against the dragon, as well? The lies in the fact that God made man to be a generalist.

Honeybees are specialists. They are fitted by the Creator for the task of producing wax combs and filling them with nectar they extract from flowers. They also produce an enzyme that turns the nectar into honey.

Likewise, birds are specialized for building nests, and rabbits for burrowing into the ground. Man, however, is different.

The tools his mind conceives, his hands can fashion and wield. He can hoe a garden, clear brush, fell a tree, build a house, compose and play music, and perform a host of other disparate tasks.

Because God constituted man as a generalist, individual human beings can specialize in whatever area suits them: farming, industry, business, science, technology, etc. This makes the division of labor possible for humans alone among the species.

A canary could not aspire to become an Olympic swimmer. Nor could a goldfish raise a field of turnips.

The secular humanist crowd credits evolution for man's generalist abilities. I don't know which is more incredible to believe, that totally random events produced a) a highly specialized creature like the honeybee or that aimless cause and effect resulted in b) a generalist creature like man, who can perform 10,000's of tasks well.

Those who posit an ultimate irrationality underlying all things demonstrate it personally by uttering such absurdities.

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