Saturday, June 20, 2015

Should Churches Be Gun-Free?

Recent events on the other side of my state have re-ignited the debates over whether legislators should declare every church a "gun-free" zone. To me, it's rather like the old question, "If you call a mule's tail a leg, how many legs would it have?"

The answer is, "Four, because calling the tail a leg doesn't make it one." And so it is that no matter how many laws get passed, and no matter how many levels of government pass those laws, a church will only be gun free until someone walks in with one.

My comments Thursday concerning the church shooting in Charleston, SC, jogged my memory about previous posts on the subject of church security. In particular, an article I wrote in 2008 about Charl Van Wyk's actions against a terrorist attack on his church in South Africa came to mind.

Then, I ran across the video below in which Van Wyk discusses how well gun-free zones have worked out in Africa -- and they've worked out very well . . . for evil dictators and terrorists. Before you view it, please ask yourself this question: "If they came to take away my pastor -- to bury him alive -- what would I do, what could I do to stop them?"

Video may appear to be null, but it works when I click on it. Please let me know if you experience a problem.

(Warning: The video does contain graphic images, so I'm asking all minors to have a parent/guardian preview it to make sure it does not violate your family's viewing standards.)

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