Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Simple Wrist Lock (My First Screencast Video)

I have [finally] made my first screencast. Although this is a test video, a learning experience for me, you may find it instructive as an introduction to the most basic wrist lock.

As mentioned in the video, the illustrations come from a book by Teddy Roosevelt's jiu jitsu instructor, John J. O'Brien. If you're interested in this vintage self defense book, I have republished it to make it available to a new generation. Click below to find out how to purchase it.

A Complete Course of Jiu Jitsu


Brock Organ said...

I love ju-jitsu! I have George Kirby's video series, and think it is a FINE art! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Craig Mutton said...

Thanks, Brock. I have one of Kirby's books, and I like his approach.

I am thinking I may do some followup videos on Katate Tori.