Monday, September 21, 2015

Church Security Team on Hold

Over a month ago, I posted that my church's officers asked me to form and lead a security team. I had one meeting with a deacon who would also be a part of the team.

At that time, he told me that the team would not function as an official part of the church. He said the church wanted to distance itself from us for liability reasons.

On August 26, I sent a preliminary proposal for the team's mission along with proposed training in  non-violent and violent intervention according to the spectrum of force. I prefaced it with this paragraph:

In discussion with T-----, he revealed to me that the session wishes the team to operate unofficially so the church can avoid liability issues. This means that, as team leader, primary liability would fall on me. Other team members would be liable, as well. I am extremely hesitant to go ahead with this project under those conditions.

 The church session (board of elders for you non-Presbyterians) has not as yet responded. As the only church member who comes to worship armed on a regular basis, I function as the church's sole [unofficial] security person.

Meanwhile, it goes on . . .

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