Saturday, August 2, 2014

Weapon Check, 2

I'm happy to say that I'm not the only one who believes in keeping a weapon at hand (See Weapon Check). I met the author of the following and her husband at a theological conference earlier this year.

A man comes the porch and knocks on my door. I can see him through the window. And through the door which I keep closed--I inform him---due to the threat of home invasions, he asks if we have kids. He's selling educational info. I tell him no, and then he starts asking if this neighbor and that neighbor has children. He would like to save time by skipping houses. I share that I'm uncomfortable answering those questions, and nor do I feel my neighbors would appreciate my telling a stranger where their children live.
I do this all the while wondering if he realizes the black thing I'm flipping in one hand is the holster for the 9mm my husband insists I keep near me while he's gone, which I'm holding in the other. It would explain why he leaned back during the entire conversation. Perhaps now he'll think twice about approaching homeowners and asking residents about neighborhood kids

After I asked her if I could use her story on this blog, she consented and added,

 . . . we finally purchased firearms after hearing far too many stories about home invasions, including home invasions where men knocked on the door and then burst inside when the door was answered. My husband found a pistol I felt comfortable with and made sure I had the proper training, including monthly time on the range. We live in the country and have a constant stream of strangers knocking on our door. Only twice did I feel the need pull it out, but I felt far safer having it in my hand.

The lesson here is that when you and the perpetrator are at your front door, the firearm in your bedroom closet will do you no good.

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