Friday, October 14, 2011

Young Christian Warrior Motivational Poster

This Christian warrior motivational poster features one of those cartoons that's supposed to make you see yourself and chuckle. To me, it's an acknowledgment of . . . .

To continue reading & to view the poster as it appears over at Christian Warrior Online, click here.

Regular readers, please note that Christian Warrior Online is my new blog. It contains the same Biblical philosophy and practical application that you have come to expect from WARSKYL, but in an expanded form that's easier to use and locate specific information. If you are a follower of WARSKYL, please become a follower of Christian Warrior Online in order to maintain continuity of communication.


The Warrior said...

I'm not the only one?

I do, and have done, that about a dozen times a day, for I don't know how many years....

Gravelbelly said...

I guess each of thinks we're the only one, because none of talks about it. We just do it.

Always good to hear from you, Warrior. I look forward to reading your comments over at Christian Warrior Online.

AND, Let me use this opportunity to remind every regular reader that the main blog will be at from now on. So, if you're a follower here, please transfer to become a follower over there.

Note: that's .co NOT .com
(I ran out of money before I got to the "m", so it's .co rather than .com) ;-)

The Warrior said...

Indeed. I was doing it today, yesterday...pretty much the norm for me.

I will indeed begin reading your new site. Sorry it's taken time, you know what my deal is at the moment.