Monday, July 25, 2011

From the Barber's Chair: When Reality and Training Overlap,2

Continued from "From the Barber's Chair: When Reality and Training Overlap"

My barber's post-combat debrief clearly reveals the crossover between shooting raccoons in the barn and training to confront human predators:

I train with the shotgun. The training kicked in.

Have a battery of weapons. One size does not fit all.

I train to hit a six-inch moving target daily. That training paid off.

If at all possible, wear pants when engaging in a shooting. Standing in a barn with your [most vulnerable area] protected by a flimsy piece of cotton,while possibly rabid animals are scurrying about,did not increase my combat effectiveness.

Even while a furry cat brushed my exposed leg during the melee,I maintined focus on the targets. Situational awareness.

Be prepared for multiple targets. you cannot always see how many targets are present.

I train on multiple targets daily. That training kicked in.

When the threat is down,keep up your scans for more targets. Clear the area.

I trained to use breathing control to dump adrenaline. It works. Use it.

You never know when a fight will come upon you. Spool-up quickly to the threat level.

There is value in trining,and debriefing....

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