Saturday, July 2, 2011

Can You Tell Me What's Wrong With This?

I received an email with a link to this page:

How to Train to Defeat the #1 Street Fight Takedown

While I'm sure this teacher is knowledgeable and his training is worthwhile, I found his advice on this subject seems lacking. So, it's time to do a little analysis and list the things you find wrong with his article in the comments section.


Bruce said...

I think the problems begin with the first point, "spot the maneuver." "Look for the shoulder-drop."

OK, what if that's NOT the move he's making? Are you going to "train" yourself to react to that shoulder-drop as if it is an inevitable precursor to the double-leg takedown?

Seems like it *might* encourage in-the-box thinking, rather than free flowing, active being in the shifting moment. Defenders need to think like the predators, even while they reject the predatory mind.

Should training be predicated on a fad? Fads come and go, and knowing what people do (and learning to track the adaptive trends in predatory behavior) is useful to the defender. However, alerting to a specific behavior can be a narrowing and limiting factor.

my 2-cents

The Warrior said...

For starters, I found his insistence on this one particular attack scenario to be too narrowed--sure, being aware of a particular kind of move is a great idea IMO, but I must conclude that this approach, at least in this article, appeared too narrow to me.

Also, his details at countering the maneuver weren't really details at all, so I don't see how too many readers could benefit from his advice on that point.

Overall, not entirely without merit, but a bit off-track. Am I right?


Gravelbelly said...

You both spotted similar problems with his approach. I see more. Anyone else?