Saturday, April 9, 2011

Prayer for Our Warriors

My Barber's son is a captain serving in Afghanistan. I received this communication today:

It's official.  He will recieve a half-paycheck on the 15th.  Soldiers don't serve for the money...

The video excerpt from Blackhawk Down (below) was attached to the email. What words of disgust can do justice to a C-in-C who promised to begin bringing troops home as soon as he took office, but instead has expanded undeclared war on behalf of the profits and globalist vision of his puppet masters?

I do not recommend for any young American Christian to go into the military, because odds are he will end up fighting for the wrong side. For a long time, now our armed forces have existed to profit the military industrial complex and to submerge our country in a godless, globalist state.

Nevertheless, we owe respect and support to those military personnel who have entered service with good -- albeit mistaken -- motives. No leader with any sense of honor would do what their C-in-C has done to them.

I would like to see every officer in the service resign his commission in protest. Please pray that God will bring our warriors home physically, mentally and morally intact. This is my daily prayer for my barber's son.

(CAUTION: Speaker in video curses twice, taking God's name in vain. Minor readers, please consult parents/follow your family policy.)

While we're on the subject of prayer, I have a young friend who is going through a rough patch. He is a believer who has the mindset of a Christian Martialist, so please pray -- right now, while you're thinking about it -- that God will bring him through his present trials as a mighty man in service to the King.


The Warrior said...

Good post. It's really disgusting, isn't it?

Gravelbelly said...

"Disgusting" is the polite term for it.

What can you say about a commander who holds his own troops hostage to extort money for his political agenda? Who not only sends them to far-flung regions on missions contrary to law and morality, but then cuts off their families' income.

Whatta guy!

The Warrior said...

Well said.