Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Brother Starves the Homeless

When two reps from a charitable organization approached Ebenezer Scrooge, they thought they'd touch his heart with the plea that without aid, many of the poor would die. Scrooge replied that, if they were going to die, they should get on with it, and thus reduce the surplus population.

In the old Soviet Union, private charity was illegal. All social welfare either came from the state, or -- as was more often the case -- not at all. Better people should die than that a private individual take over the prerogatives of the deified state.

The city of Houston (TX) provides us with a peek into the heartlessness of Scrooge-ist statism, American style. It seems that the city has shut down the efforts of a Christian couple who have fed over a hundred homeless for a year. According to news reports, the city will not allow them to continue without a permit, and city ordinances preclude their getting one.

Many cities consider the presence of the homeless an embarrassing nuisance. Perhaps Houston officials want them to get on with their dying in order to reduce the surplus population.

You can read the story here:
City Puts a Stop to Homeless Outreach

Some people think that because Texas is a "red state" that it is somehow less statist than other places in the union. In reality, its child welfare agency boasts one of the most intrusive and aggressively anti-Christian records in the 50 states. (See here. You may have to create a free account to read this article, but it's well worth it.)

In addition, Texas has led the charge in the movement to force psychotropic drugs on public school children. See here.

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