Friday, November 26, 2010

Palm Heel: Convulsive Action

The Warrior likes Kelly McCann, and I can't blame him. 
Kelly McCann's palm heel video below gives a good demonstration of convulsive movement. Newer readers and folks with poor memory may not recall the instruction in convulsive movement in the Knee Spike post a couple of years back.

More DIY videos at
Also, notice his shrug that pulls the attacker into the palm heel strike acts as one with the convulsive action of the strike -- like a sneeze or a hiccup. (Hint: "sneeze" those strikes out your arm -- not your nose -- in practice)


The Warrior said...

Great video (and it is true, I love Kelly McCann--and the Black Belt Magazine issue advertised with this video is actually where I first heard about him). I always like his stuff. As to shrug, I'm assuming you mean how he pulls his left shoulder back while pulling the right arm of his attacker?

Gravelbelly said...

Yep, that's what I meant, but as you no doubt noticed, the shoulder pull-back is not a separate movement from the strike. It is all one, big convulsive movement -- fast and powerful.