Monday, October 4, 2010

"Your Money or Your Livelihood!" Is Your Employer Willing to Risk Your Life?

Pizza Hut -- like many other employers -- has a rule against employees working armed for self defense, even if the employee has a CWP. This has given rise to a situation where a pizza delivery worker who has saved his own life and that of his boss may now lose his job.

Thanks to my barber for sending me the link to this article. You may read it here.

The employee hesitated to pull his gun in self defense, while he was threatened and repeatedly pistol-whipped by the holdup men. It seems obvious that Pizza Hut's corporate rules played a part in his hesitancy.

Many businesses have similar rules against employees defending themselves. It's much easier for them to think of  replacing a dead employee than to pay out millions in a lawsuit to the family of a dead scumbag.

Pizza Hut could screen employees and set up a firearms training program and arm select employees to discourage armed robbers. But in the long run, it's cheaper just to ban firearms altogether.

Sure, it risks the lives of low level employees, but it's a risk Pizza Hut is evidently willing to take.


Tim Sleeper said...

Doesn't Jesus say we are to love our enemies and our neighbor (in other words, love everyone). Where does He say we can defend ourselves? Juts thinking out loud :)

dlr said...

I wonder how the hero's hearing is ... shots fired in a walk-in cooler?!?!?


Sleeper, try reading Proverbs 24:11-12

Tim Sleeper said...

That verse deals with protecting others, this article deals with self-defense. I don't see any indication in the Bible that we should defend ourselves. It's just money. Who cares? We serve the living God who will provide as He chooses. Job recognized that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away.

Luke 6:27-36

Gravelbelly said...

Tim, you are obviously new to this blogsite, and I want to welcome you and thank you for your question.

Rather than try to rehash what I've already said, I'll refer you to this link that will take you to my previous posts on the subject:

Self Defense in the Bible

Tim Sleeper said...

Oh, and also, that verse in Proverbs says to "rescue" and to "hold back". The word "kill", "hurt", "harm", "shoot", is not used.

Gravelbelly said...

dlr, hurts my eardrums to think about it.

Tim Sleeper said...

Thanks! I found out about this from a friend on Facebook :)

I read the your view on self-defense and would disagree with it.

You gave the example of a guy who would rather die at the hands of his assailant, than kill the offender. You quoted the verse Luke 12:47-48 and applied it saying (correct me if I'm wrong as I am paraphrasing) 'if the guy shoots you, he still goes to Hell, but he will have more violent acts to be accounted for. If, instead, you shoot him it's more of a mercy killing as he will go to Hell and get fewer "stripes".'

Isn't that God's choice? You are presuming that he will still go on killing people after you die. Taking this guy's life into your own hands and presuming in your own mind that killing him is a mercy to him since he's going to die and go to Hell anyway.

The only use of a weapon in the NT (besides the spiritual weapons of course) is when Peter cuts the soldier's ear off. Jesus rebukes Peter and tells him that those who live by the sword die by the sword.

Gravelbelly said...

Tim, before you rush into an attempt to discuss my position, I think you should finish reading my posts on the topic. I know you're eager to enlighten my darkened understanding, but at least have a broader understanding of where I'm coming from, first. Read, think, and then write. Our discussion will be much more productive that way.

Tim Sleeper said...

Ok, I will do that :D

The Warrior said...

Great post. Never thought about it that way, but then again, I know employers don't care about their employees anymore.

If I ever start my own business....

And I don't mean to but in on this discussion, but Tim, have you read Luke 22:36?


Tim Sleeper said...
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