Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Statist Terrorism

Terror as a means of control is a long-standing staple of totalitarian governments. The IRS and ATF have practiced it for many years in this country, and on the state level, social services agencies have made war on Christians who discipline their children for decades. This has taken place through Republican and Democratic administrations.

Every once in a while, though, as the godless state tightens its tentacles to suffocate our liberty, some new terroristic outrage arises that should shock the public into awareness, if not action. Here are two for your consideration:
  1. Federal court considers proof of citizenship an unnecessary burden for voter registration;
  2. State prosecutes Christian woman for seeking a Christian roommate.
Frankly, the terrorism perpetrated upon U.S. citizens by their own civil authority disturbs me much more than the machinations of foreign terrorists of any stripe.

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The Warrior said...

I saw the roommate one a while back. Can't say I'm surprised anymore.

Thanks for posting!