Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Innocents Betrayed

Innocents Betrayed is the name of a film produced by the JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership). You can download a clip to watch from the introduction of the film here:
Download a clip

What I like about the film's approach is that it centers on the real and most pertinent reason for the right to keep and bear arms: defense against predatory governments. I believe in the sporting use of arms -- venison is great -- but it's not the chief rationale for the private ownership of firearms.

That's also why I like FrontSight.They unashamedly and unabashedly stand for the right to keep and bear arms as a deterrent to tyranny.

I know that even mentioning a Jewish organization may raise the hackles of some of my more sensitive readers, but I don't see the average Jew as more evil than any other average sinner out there, including myself.

That doesn't mean that I endorse their belief system. In other words, I don't consider them brothers, but I do see them as neighbors. And the JPFO are neighbors that share an important common interest.


The Warrior said...

Interesting approach. I've felt the same way--not brothers, but neighbors (good way to put it, actually). I'd be interested to hear what you think on this, though:



Gravelbelly said...

Pink Pistols? First time I've heard of them.

Since one is identified by the company he keeps, I would not choose to join any organization that so obviously exists to recruit sexual perverts.