Saturday, March 27, 2010

Women's Self Defese & Computer Security

The following comes from the "Attackproof" newsletter. I verified it at the Snopes site. I thought it might be helpful to pass it on:

"So many of these warnings about viruses and malicious code turn out to be bogus, but I think this one is worth heeding. It was sent to me by a friend whose son is in IT at the National Transportation Safety Board. He received it from the Chief Information Security Office."
Microsoft released a security advisory today warning users to ignore Web sites that nag you to press the F1 key.  This key is sometimes referred to as the Help key.  Doing so allows malicious code to execute using the permissions of the current user.  Microsoft is developing a patch to fix this vulnerability and expects to release it within the next few days.  This vulnerability affects all users of Windows XP and Internet Explorer.
What Does This Mean To You?
Do not press the F1 key if prompted by a web site
Doing so will cause your computer to become compromised and could require a reformat and software reinstall to remove the malicious code.  The OCIO will be watching closely for the availability of a patch and will advise if any additional measures should be taken prior to its deployment.
--[Thanks to Barry for the above].

 As long as I'm referencing "Attackproof", I want to you to see the free women's self defense video they have made available. Attendees of the WARSKYL seminar will recognize some of the same principles I emphasized there.

BTW, guys, don't think that this is only for women. If it will work for women (who typically have less size & upper body strength than men), it will work for you, too.


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