Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Lesson on Providence

Deolexrex sent me the link to the video below with the question, "Recommended defense against a 2x6?" (Warning: lethally violent content)

It takes a special kind of person to club an unarmed, defenseless, academic-type to death, doesn't it?

Here are my recommended defenses when confronted by an orc with a 2x6:
  1. Run away -- fast! Hopefully, the prospect of running while carrying a club will not appeal to your attacker. Of course, turning your back to an assailant reduces his psychological barrier to taking your life, but let's face it, under the circumstances it looks as though the barrier doesn't faze him much.
  2. If running is not a viable option (and it isn't for heavyweights like me), meet his weapon with something bigger, better & more lethal.
  3. In the event you're not suitably armed, grab anything at hand -- stick, gravel (or a pocketful of change) to throw in his eyes, a trash can or even one of his friends to absorb blows as you maneuver inside the range of his club.
  4. If no improvised weapons lie within reach, you must get inside his effective range by either a) good timing & quickness or b) fending off a blow as you move in or c) both.
Moving in on someone with a big club sounds scary, but the bigger the club, the more unwieldy it is. Moreover, the orc will expect you to move away from the threat, which gives you an element of surprise, and if God's providence is with you, may even engender in him an element of fear.

Speaking of God's providence, let's not leave out the highly important need for prayer. My barber pointed this out to me in response to "Learning from Your Mistakes: A Survival Trait, 3".
He wrote to me:

But,let us not forget what else happened that day...The night before,as I always do, I said my nightly Prayers. Included in those Prayers were petitions for safe travel for my wife and I. As I drove up the highway,minutes from the location were this happened,I violated my standard routine. Every night,when I crawl into bed,lights out,and quiet, I begin my lengthly Prayers to the Lord. The night of the incident,I realized that I could fall asleep quickly without finishing the Prayers,I decided to alter my routine. To stay awake to my destination,I began my lengthly Prayers while driving. I was alone on the road,no other cars,wife asleep. I finished my Prayers for blessing and safe travel moments before my arrival at the incident site. I cannot discount the part that God plays in my life. I cannot marginalize the power of Prayer in my life. I cannot count the blessings that come with trying to live covenantally with God. God gets all the credit that night,'cause I was w-a-a-y behind the lethat curve. I need to work on that mindset,too.

Bottom line? Train as though it all depended on you, but pray knowing it all depends on the God & Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


dlr said...

Did y'all notice the guy towards the end of the video (shirtless) that take a 2x6 in the side of the head and keeps moving forward.

Gravelbelly said...

Thanks for pointing that out.

A benefit of adrenaline? Mindset? Hard head?

What think ye?