Saturday, October 4, 2014

Potential Epidemics and the Sheepdog

Sheepdogs protect sheep. You want to protect the judicially innocent in general and those you care about in particular. For this you have prepared yourself in terms of your physical skills (combatives, emergency medicine, etc.) and your gear.

At this point in time, the orcs that threaten you and your loved ones do not all walk on two legs. Some of them look like this:

I want to protect my family from the Ebola virus as much as you do yours. I have been praying to that end. In addition to trusting the providence of God, I have a couple of principles in mind. that I want to pass on to you:
  1. Officialdom and the media will lie to you. Their #1 priority is to prevent panic, no matter how dangerous the situation becomes. Powerbrokers lust for control, and a panicky populace threatens that control.
  2. Before society in general panics, you need to take steps in terms of "controlled panic". Map out your priorities and work toward them systematically.
  3. In order to plan effectively, you need reliable information. 
In the interest providing you with info, I recommend two articles. The first deals with the CDC's inconsistencies and unanswered questions.

One of the most informative (and longest) articles that I have read about the Ebola phenomenon draws not only from a variety of news sources, but also from an off-the-record bioweapons expert and geneticist. Good, rational assessment and conclusions.

I may publish more on preps that I'm undertaking, in the days ahead.

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